2004 Awards


Pandit Ramnarain (Classical Musician)

Pandit Ramnarain has waged a lifelong struggle to give the sarangi its rightful place in the arena of international music. Pandit Ramnarain takes pride in the Indian origin of the sarangi.

Shri Damodar V. Kamat (Still Photographer)

A pioneer of still photography, Kamat captured the B&W era through his lens. Filmmakers of Bimal Roy and Guru Dutt’s stature held Kamat in high esteem.

Smt. Nirupa Roy (Performing Artist)

In Nirupa Roy’s screen persona, we find a felicitous confluence of all the qualities that make the Indian mother so emotionally powerful and the Mother Goddess such an icon of reverence. Her long and distinguished career has bequeathed an enduring legacy to which we connect at so many levels. (photo – with Balraj Sahani)

Shri Jagdeep (Performing Artist)

Jagdeep who started as a child artist, established himself as one of Bollywood’s most popular comedians with his own brand of mimicry and humour.

Noor alias Mr. Johnny Walker (Performing Artist)

In a shortlived film career, Noor radiated rare innocence and charm on the silver Screen. Her most noted films are Bimal Roy’s: Do Bigha Zamin and Naukri.

Shri Ameen Sayani (Radio Artist)

Ameen Sayani’s stylized anchoring has spawned countless imitations but the original remains undisputedly unique. He is a milestone in broadcast journalism.

Shri Tushar Bhatia (Young Director)

Tushar Bhatia’s training in both Indian and Western Classical music, coupled with his equally passionate indulgence into the movie tracks and background scores of world cinema, and deep understanding of poetry have made him into a sensitive composer.

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