2005 Awards


Shri V. Babasaheb (Director of Photography)

V.Babasaheb continues to inspire young aspiring members of the profession and was awarded the Kodak Technical Excellence Award in 2002. The profound & powerful impact, constructed through imageries in the film Ganga Jamuna, continues to command dynamism in Indian cinematography.

Smt. Kamini Kaushal (Performing Artist)

Kamini was one of the first educated women to enter the film industry. With Nargis and Suraiya, she became a reigning queen in the 1950s.

Shri Har Mandir Singh (Film Song Archivist)

Har Mandir Singh has – year after year – delved deep into the unfathomed treasury of Hindi Film music.

Smt. Sabiha Sumer (Young Director)

Sabiha Sumer, an independent filmmaker in Pakistan, has earned much acclaim for her films, which deal with political and social issues such as the effects of religious fundamentalism on society and especially on women. Her recent film, Khamosh Pani, depicts fundamentalism as the main reason for depreciation of humanistic values.

Shri Robin Chatterjee (Sound Technologist)

Robin Chatterjee’s deep understanding of technology, his feel for quality ‘sound’, his dedication to work and above all his humanity enabled him to repeatedly return to center-stage in his 55-year long career.

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