‘Baap Beti’ – 1954



Direction : Bimal Roy
Music : Roshan
Screenplay: Nabendu Ghose
Starring : Ranjan, Baby Tabassum, Madhuri, Baby Naaz
Production : Munshi Productions


Meena is a new girl to join the Girl’s residential school. Maya, Radha and a few others become friends but others resent Meena .This inevitably leads to girlish quarrels. The day letters arrive from home, there is great excitement & speculation. Most girls receive letters from both parents. Meena is taunted as no letters come from her father. Cornered by her class mates, Meena promises that her father’s letter will come. She appeals to her mother to tell her the father’s address so that she could write to him. Meena had never seen her father. According to her mother he lived far away. Meena’s mother does not reply to the letter. Meanwhile, a few girls insult her, making her very sad. One evening she sat in a secluded corner and wept her heart out. Biswanath Babu, the old school clerk hears the truth and promise to help her. He writes letters as her father which Meena reads to the girls. This takes care of the situation – but not for long. When some particularly mean girls want to actually meet Meena’s father, things go out of control – until dame luck smiles on the fatherless girl.

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