‘Bandini’ – 1963



Direction : Bimal Roy
Photography : Kamal Bose
Story : Jarasandha
Music : Sachin Dev Burman
Starring : Nutan, Dharmendra, Ashok Kumar
Production : Bimal Roy Productions


Set in the women’s ward of a gloomy prison, the film reveals the tragic circumstances that forced Kalyani to commit a heinous crime for which she is serving a prison sentence. The young prison doctor, a man with progressive views, would like to marry her, but Kalyani cannot make her decision. She cares for the freedom fighter, who had made a deep impression on her youthful, romantic mind. He promised to marry her and then disappeared until their fateful meeting in a public hospital where she discovers him by accident as a married man. Kalyani’s moral dilemma and her struggle for social legitimacy make a poignant tale of profound significance in a culture where gender justice remains a distant dream.

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