‘Naukari’ – 1954


Direction: Bimal Roy
Story: Subodh Basu
Music: Salil Chowdhury
Starring: Kishore Kumar, Sheela Ramani, Achla Sachdev
Production: Bimal Roy Productions

Although his sister is terminally ill, and their family in doldrums, the news of becoming a graduate make Ratan ecstatic. He believes a job awaits him and soon his sister and aged mother will see better days. With this dream, Ratan arrives in Calcutta. A friend of his father had promised him a job. In the hostel he comes across jobless young men who make a quaint but hilarious world. Amongst others, there is a poet writing atrocious verse, flirting with neighbourhood maidens. There is Gyan Sen, the younger brother of Taan Sen, who inflicts his raga on others. And there is Haria, the faithful old servant who cheers Ratan with his unmusical songs. Then there is the sweet Seema who seems to find inspiration to study at the window facing Ratan’s room. Needless to say, Ratan falls hopelessly in love with her. The course of true love never runs smooth. Seema’s father rejects jobless Ratan’s proposal. Ratan’s quest for a job brings him to Bombay. A new series of experiences and adventures await him. Ratan views life in its richly-variegated colours — experiencing situations that are comic, sad and sometimes bitter. Though life wears down Ratan’s naïve enthusiasm, he does not abandon hope. He has a steely determination to overcome every obstacle.

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