‘Parineeta’ – 1953


Direction: Bimal Roy
Photography: Kamal Bose
Story: Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay
Screenplay: Nabendu Ghose
Starring: Ashok Kumar, Meena Kumari, Asit Baran, Pratima Devi
Production: Ashok Kumar Productions

Lalita and Sekhar are neighbours. Sekhar’s daily needs, in fact, are looked after by Lalita. Occasionally, Sekhar gives her language lessons or bullies her to carry out chores. Lalita’s uncle, Gurucharan, is a poor Brahmin. He borrowed money for his daughter’s marriage from Sekhar’s father – their wealthy neighbour. This becomes a bone of contention between the two. Further complications follow when Girin, a kindly Brahmo relative, offers to repay the debt. This turns into a caste issue. Unknown to all, Lalita and Sekhar secretly marry. Soon after this, her uncle dies. On his deathbed, Gurucharan makes Girin promise to marry Lalita and take charge of the family. Girin proposes to Lalita and learns the truth. He marries her younger cousin instead. An invitation to Sekhar’s marriage shocks Lalita. Girin brings Lalita to Calcutta. There he confronts Sekhar with the truth, and clears old misunderstandings.

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