‘Prempatra’ – 1962



Direction : Bimal Roy
Music : Salil Chowdhury
Starring : Sadhana, Shashi Kapoor, Seema,   Chand Usmani
Production : Bimal Roy Productions


A promising medical student, Arun, is denied a scholarship to England because his co-student, Kavita, accuses him of intimidation. However Arun manages overseas funds and in the process becomes engaged to Tara, whose father funds Arun. Tara and Arun have never met. Their love letters slowly seal the beautiful relationship. Arun believes that Tara is a perfect life partner for him. But the wounds from his former classmate, Kavita, have not healed. In fact, he nurtures a deep-seated hatred for her. Unknown to Arun, Tara and Kavita are cousins. And the real Tara is not what Arun imagines. Stranger still is the fact that it is Kavita who writes the love letters to Arun on Tara’s behalf. This situation gets complicated with deceptions and deepening mysteries. All misunderstandings are finally resolved when the truth comes out of the closet.

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