‘Sujata’ – 1959



Direction : Bimal Roy
Photography : Kamal Bose
Story : Subodh Ghosh
Screenplay : Nabendu Ghose
Art : Sudhendu Roy
Music & Lyrics : Sachin Dev Burman
Starring : Sunil Dutt, Nutan, Shashikala, Lalita   Pawar
Production : Bimal Roy Productions


Sujata, a little infant, is discovered after the outbreak of an epidemic in a Harijan colony. She is adopted by the kind Upendranath Choudhury and his wife, Charu. Sujata becomes a lively companion for their only daughter, Rama. She grows up into a sensitive and charming young woman. Adhir, the nephew of a relative, is being considered a prospective bridegroom for Rama. Adhir, on the other hand, falls in love with the serene Sujata. This puts the Brahim family in a terrible quandary. At that point Charu, the foster mother, decides to reveal Sujata’s real identity, to make it public that she is born of low caste parents. Unable to bear the torment and strife in her foster family, Sujata decides to leave. Strange circumstances prove that she is as much a daughter as the biological one – and, it is only Sujata’s blood that can save her foster mother. In the end, all caste prejudices are thrown aside for a happy ending.

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