‘Udayer Pathey’ – 1944


Direction, Screenplay : Bimal Roy with Nirmal Dey
Photography: Bimal Roy
Story: Jyotinmoy Roy
Art: Sourin Sen
Music: R.C. Boral
Starring: Radhamohan Bhattacharya, Binata Roy,   Biswanath Bhaduri, Debi Mukherjee
Production: New Theatres

Anup Kumar Lekhak, an unemployed writer, gets a job to ghostwrite public speeches for a wealthy industrialist. He meets his boss’s sister, Gopa, at their palatial home .It is more than apparent that his boss’s pretty sister admires Anup. Not only does the wealthy boss make Anup write his inspiring speeches for the masses, very soon he appropriates Anup’s unpublished novel and publishes it in his own name. The book is an instant best seller. The industrialist brazenly takes the credit for the book that rightly belongs to Anup. One day his own sister was humiliated in the wealthy man’s home. When Anup discovers this, he chucks his job and decides to migrate to the village. Before he leaves, Anup has to address a mass rally. The wealthy man’s hired goondas create commotion and stone Anup, injuring him. This brings matters to head. Gopa confronts her brother. She decides to support Anup’s struggle. Her bold decision for a liberal ideology that opposes the oppression of the working class dissolves class barriers and unites the young idealists.


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