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‘Do Bigha Zamin’ – 1953

LANGUAGE: HINDI | BLACK & WHITE | 142 MIN. Direction: Bimal Roy Screenplay: Hrishikesh Mukherji Photography: Kamal Bose Story & Music: Salil Chowdhury Starring: Balraj Sahni, Nirupa Roy Production: Bimal Roy Productions SYNOPSIS: Sambhu Mahato, like thousands from the Indian rural society, is a poor peasant. … Continue reading


‘Maa’ – 1952

LANGUAGE: HINDI | BLACK & WHITE Direction: Bimal Roy Photography: Whirshing Starring: Leela Chitnis, Bharat Bhushan, Nazir   Hussain, Achla Sachedev, Shyama Production: Bombay Talkies SYNOPSIS: Bimal Roy made his Bombay debut with Bombay Talkies’ Maa. The film was said to be a free adaptation … Continue reading


‘Pahela Admi’ – 1950

LANGUAGE: HINDI | BLACK & WHITE Direction & Screenplay: Bimal Roy Music:R.C. Boral Starring: Smritirekha Biswas, Pahari Sanyal,   Balraj Vij, Nazir Hussain Production: New Theatres SYNOPSIS: A romantic love story against the backdrop of World War II, when India was involved in this … Continue reading


‘Mantramugdha’ – 1949

LANGUAGE: BENGALI | BLACK & WHITE Direction, Screenplay – with Sudhish Ghatak: Bimal Roy Photography: Kamal Bose Story: Banaphul Art: Sudhendu Roy Starring: Mira Sarkar, Reba Devi, Tulsi Chakraborty, Indu Mukherji, Sunil Sengupta Production: New Theatres SYNOPSIS: Mantramugdha was a topical satire on the fall out of excessive … Continue reading

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‘Anjangarh’ – 1948

LANGUAGE: BENGALI | BLACK & WHITE Direction & Screenplay: Bimal Roy Photography: Kamal Bose, Bimal Roy Story: Subodh Ghosh Art: Anil Bhattacharya & Sudhendu Roy Music: R.C. Boral Starring: Sunanda Banerjee, Devi Mukherji, Tulsi   Chakraborty, Manoranjan Bhattacharya Production: New Theatres SYNOPSIS: Based on a radical short story … Continue reading


‘Hamrahi’ – 1945

LANGUAGE: HINDI | BLACK & WHITE Hindi version of Udayer Pathey. Other credits same as in Udayer Pathey, with few changes in the cast. Direction, Screenplay & Photography: Kamal Bose Production: New Theatres SYNOPSIS: Same as Udayer Pathey

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‘Udayer Pathey’ – 1944

LANGUAGE: BENGALI | BLACK & WHITE Direction, Screenplay : Bimal Roy with Nirmal Dey Photography: Bimal Roy Story: Jyotinmoy Roy Art: Sourin Sen Music: R.C. Boral Starring: Radhamohan Bhattacharya, Binata Roy,   Biswanath Bhaduri, Debi Mukherjee Production: New Theatres SYNOPSIS: Anup Kumar Lekhak, an unemployed writer, … Continue reading