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The Bimal Roy Memorial, a non-profit cultural organisation, (founded in 1997 ) celebrates the history of Indian cinema. Its flagship music concert, Smriti Sandhya –has become a keenly awaited event. Our activities include holding of film festivals, retrospectives and interactive film screenings, honouring film industry stalwarts and also enhancing appreciation of films in particular. We conduct seminars and workshops, sponsor research, organize essay/quiz competitions and offer scholarships. Part proceeds from these events are earmarked to empower the socially disabled, to match the Bimal Roy’s concerns humanitarian. BRMC is committed to the larger issue of cinema and care of neglected artistes of the Indian film industry.

Several programmes are being organized in line with our multifarious activities of an educational and cultural nature. We request you to support these activities by way of sponsorships or grants and help us achieve our long term objectives of an enduring value. We are convinced that we will mutually benefit from these events in advertising mileage through our efforts.

We look forward to a generous response to this special appeal.
*Part proceeds from our programmes are donated to philanthropic causes.
Donation to Bimal Roy Memorial are exempted from Income Tax under Section 80G(2208/2006/2006-07).

BENEFIT to Sponsors:
One standee/banner at Venue [depending on the amount of donation]
10 tickets for donation of Rs. 25, 000/-
5 tickets for donation of Rs. 10, 000/-
Stage endorsement
Logo on Tickets/ classified ads

Sponsorships breakdown
Title Sponsorship Rs. 7 lakhs
Co-sponsorship Rs. 3/4 lakhs

Advertisement in Commemorative Publications
Full Page Rs. 5,000
Special Page Rs.10,000
Inside Covers Rs.25,000
Back Cover Rs.40,000
Banners Rs.15,000

Specifications & Materials:
Positive along with printed sample admeasuring 17.5 cm x 23 cm (bleed) in single colour or four colours for any cover page advertisement.

In line with BRMFS’ tradition, inside half page and full page ads will be acknowledged with a one line entry on the editorial pages to conserve paper and printing costs.

Information for sponsors:

Date of formation – 1997
Registration Number – INS/33209
Registration Date – 13-01-1998
80G Number – ORDER NO. DIT(E)/MC?80G/2052/2009-10
Date of affiliation to Federation of Film Societies of India – 25-06-2003
PAN Card Number – AAATB-31010
TAN Number – MUMB22125F

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